Jun. 4th, 2011

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I did a major Faultless Pajama Foundry update last week, with lots and lots of new stuff, and when I was doing it, I realized that we were at the point where our categories-by-types-of-jewelry were getting unwieldy. (Right now we've got 248 items for sale -- with a high of about 260 before some recent sales -- and I've got about two dozen more items that need to be photographed/listed.)

We're lucky enough to have several major different aesthetics -- hardware-based/steampunky jewelry, minimalist/sparse design, over-the-top deluxe and lavish stuff, fannish-based things -- and several major categories of materials (gemstone-based, glass-and-acrylic based, etc), so what I did was put our work into several different "lines" -- the Hardware Chic line, the Minimalist line, the Elegance line, the Geekery and Fandom category, and then the "catch-all" categories of Earrings/Gemstones, Earrings/Other, Necklaces/Pendants, Bracelets, Stitch Markers/Knitting, and Everything Else -- but we have other craft types that we want to start adding (including, I hope, my father's awesome woodworking -- check out the segmented bowl we kidnapped and put on sale; it went in seven hours, which he was not expecting, and which made his day!)

Since Etsy only allows for 10 categories -- I submitted a suggestion that they expand that, and they said they'd take it under advisement yadda yadda I don't expect that to change anytime soon -- I think this solution will work for us for now, but I don't know how well it will scale. We don't want to open multiple shops, since then we lose the feedback history and all the advantage of people who have favorited us. (We might open another shop for Dad's woodwork, if he gives us a bunch of pieces to list for him, but I really do kind of like having Dad's stuff in with ours.)

Do any of you have lots of inventory in lots of different categories to cope with? If so, how do you organize things? Is there anything brilliant I'm missing that might help out here?


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