Sep. 1st, 2011

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Today is my birthday. Monday is Labor Day. This sounds like an excuse for a special deal!

Between those dates, you can use the coupon code SEPTHOL10 in my shop, Simply Maco for 10% off!

I just listed a couple new items tonight and put up some better images for older listings, so give it a look. I've got crocheted hats, scarves, and bracelets, and some interesting crocheted necklaces. As far as I know, the technique I used for the loopy necklaces is one I made up.

I've also got a few calligraphy items available now and expect to a couple more while the code's still in effect. I received permission yesterday from the rights holders to use the lyrics to the George Fox song by Sydney Carter in some of my calligraphy. At the moment, the calligraphy item I find most interesting is the 11th century Old English (West Saxon) translation of the Lord's Prayer. The history nerd in me went all-out, even using the Anglo Saxon ruin ƿ (wynn) for the w sound, on top of using a calligraphy hand period to that translation. Yes, yes, I said history nerd, did I not?


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