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Good Morning everyone!

I have a special promotion, just for DW members in my etsy store:

From now (Friday, Oct. 29) until Friday, November 12 at Midnight (EST), DW members get free shipping on any item!
YarnKitten Creations on Etsy

When you make your purchase, put the code "porchesdw" in the messages to seller, and I will refund the shipping costs to you, via PayPal refund.

(Please note: at this time, I am only able to ship to US Addresses, no international shipping.Thanks.)

Stop by soon, and see if there isn't an item you'd love make your own! :)

Unrelated to that, I'd also like to ask for your help. I'll freely admit, my esty store is struggling a little. Despite having purchased 2 showcases spots this month, sales are really lagging.  So, I'd love your opinions. If you have a few minutes to stop by my etsy store, and look around, and give me your feedback, that would be awesome. Seriously, I'd love to hear what you think, good and bad. (I'm starting to a wonder a little, if people just ... well... don't like my items?) Thanks so much for your help.

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Date: 2010-11-05 05:48 pm (UTC)
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I think it looks really cute but have you thought of expanding the types of things you have? For example not only cuffs but also fingerless gloves, etc. I think cuffs are a little small for a niche and it would be hard to have enough customers while knitted accessories should do fine. Also if you just do one or two of various things you can see what kind of things sell better.


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