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Kicking off sparkle season right with a 15% off coupon! SPARKLE11, good from now till Dec 21.

Some of what's available at Sunbow Gems this sparkle season:

silver charm bracelet

The Mary Campbell Winchester bracelet is as close as possible to the one worn by the eponymous character in Supernatural episode 4x03 "In the Beginning". There are three available, all different, but all have various protective and good-luck charms from assorted religions. Perfect for the Supernatural fan or Unitarian Universalist in your life.

earrings made from circuit cards

The 'ipsa scientia potestas est' earrings and pendant set are upcycled circuit cards. These are meant for the computer geek.

earrings: red d8s wrapped in gold wire

Looking for a gift for a gamer? Look no further: the 'thyself thy foe' earrings, wire-wrapped dice, identify the wearer as a player of tabletop RPGs.

earrings with gold interlocking rings

Someone getting married soon? Her 'something new' can be a pair of 'where you go' earrings with their interlocking wedding rings in gold, silver, or copper.

Watch this space for Fair Trade jewelry (well, partly Fair Trade; no sense wasting the stash I've already got) and jewelry themed around winter, Christmas, gift exchanges, and sparkle season.
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