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After months of stalling, I have finally opened the virtual doors of Studio Ten13 Jewelry & Crafts! Thank you all for your photography suggestions. The new pictures aren't perfect, but they're much better than they would have been without your help. Most of what's up in my shop were taken with my new makeshift light box.

There are only a few items up at the moment; I don't have the wherewithal to sit here all night and make listings. BUT! I will be adding new items daily for the next week or so. Please drop by and tell me what you think!

(Also, I swear I didn't plan to only list blue things...)
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I'm curious to hear people's thoughts on this.

What's the best feature on/of etsy? (Or, if you don't want to pick best, what's the most useful feature?)

What's the worst  feature on/of etsy?
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I've got a question for you all.... do you use the Treasury feature on Etsy?  ( )
Do you browse treasuries?
Do you create and post treasuries?

I'm actually not very familiar with the feature myself. I'd occasionally browsed them, but then I kind of forgot about the whole treasury feature. What reminded me was when someone included one of my items in one of their treasuries today. (I have to admit, it totally made my day/week/month. LOL.  What can I say? I just really enjoyed knowing someone really liked one of my items. ) It got me thinking it might be a whole lot of fun to create treasuries as a way to share with others on etsy things I find and adore (even if I can't personally afford them myself, or if it's something I love but really don't have a use for myself).
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This is a new app designed to let Etsy sellers put their stuff on sale. Exactly what it says on the tin, basically! It lets you change prices for multiple items, choose between a percentage or dollar-amount discount, only change prices for certain sections of your shop, and other cool stuff like that. It then allows shoppers to browse all the items put on sale with the app, which is pretty nifty too.

It looks pretty straightforward to use, and would make sales a lot easier for customers--no waiting for revised invoices or something. What else I would love to see: the ability to set coupon codes. Probably requires a different kind of software; I'm not much on coding. :)
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I hope to get my shop open this week, but what's holding me up is photography. I tried a couple of new things today and I'd really appreciate some feedback. Let me know what you think of the staging as well as the crop, focus, etc. Oh, and the merchandise is open for critique, too!

Large photos right this way... )
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What are your favorite methods for promoting your Etsy shop? I've been posting links to my journal whenever we update the shop, which has been working nicely so far since I have a really large readership, plus we bought a Showcase that ran today (and got us an awesome number of sales, too!) Is there anything else y'all do that works well for you?
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Someone on the EtsyFAST team just hepped the group to EcoEnclose mailers. Does anyone here use these? They seem like a legitimately eco-friendly option for mailers, and the price is pretty reasonable. I've been stuck using Tyvek for several years (paper was too inflexible and didn't guarantee protection in wet conditions), so I'm pretty excited at the prospect of something easier to re-use and recycle.

I should note that there's a link on the site to get a free sample, too!


Sep. 28th, 2010 09:09 pm
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Welcome to [community profile] etsy!

I just sorted of created the comm back in the day, without a clue what I would actually do with it. Now that [staff profile] denise is looking to promote Dreamwidth&Etsy users, I'll be putting more effort into this community so that it actually becomes something (besides a placeholder, I mean).

Let me know what you want out of this comm! None of the rules in the profile or sticky are actually written in stone (except the cut tags and Don't Be An Asshat) and I'm open to lots of different ways of doing this whole community thing.

I am not exactly an experienced community administrator. While I'll probably survive on my own, I'd also be happy to bring some co-mods aboard.

And please comment on the sticky post if you have an Etsy shop; I know Denise is collecting links in her journal, but I'd love to have a resource here as well.


May. 4th, 2010 04:37 pm
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To minimize spammishness, please limit yourself to one post per month advertising a specific sale, special, or promotion for your shop. If you are running multiple promotions in a month, it's okay to mention them all in the same post.

Please don't post just to tell people your shop exists - comment on the sticky post instead, and I'll add your shop to our directory.

Please cut entries containing large images, multiple images, and/or lots and lots of text.

Meta posts are encouraged: discussions of Etsy's policies, business stuff, etc.

Don't be an asshat.

[community profile] etsy members' shops

Comment using this format; it makes my life easier:

listings )


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