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Sep. 17th, 2017 08:11 am
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[personal profile] analise010 is doing a one-card draw, or more cards for the price of a coffee.

high and dry

Sep. 16th, 2017 09:44 am
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For a week, now. I've only today secured the wifi password here.

My mother is still with my brother in Virginia Beach. He's planning on driving her down to Florida in the near future and then staying with her for a few more days. I've shuffled a little but, but I'm currently in Fairfax, Virginia. I've seen friends, been drunk on art in the newly installed and expanded collection of the National Gallery and other museums. Olya is back from Iceland and staying with friends nearby. So long as my mom is with family, I would like to travel a little farther afield, maybe up to NY, if I can find reasonably priced lodging. Unfortunately, my close friend Reiko is not in town, having been called to Japan by the death of her mother. She'll be in Leeds, England for a month from September 28th. I'd thought about traveling over there to meet her, but Irma has drained finances a bit.

From neighbor accounts, my mother's house was untouched aside from plant damage outside and some cracked roof tiles. I have had no word on the condo, but buildings on my street seem OK. The power is on and the boil water advisory has been lifted. Still some problems with internet and cable connections. I'm very glad we left. Mom is bored and wants to go back asap, but I'm grateful to be out of Florida!!!!

Irma plans

Sep. 7th, 2017 11:36 am
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Right now, we  have plane tickets to Norfolk for Saturday morning, 7 a.m. Mom is going to stay with my brother and I'm going to take the train to D.C. that night, to stay with a friend of my other brother. Taking a break from family, trying to contact old NGA friends and be in a city for a little while. We don't have reservations back yet.

Mandatory evacuation for our area is beginning on Friday at 3 pm. Predictions so far have Irma passing right over our county on Sunday, but they could change. Our good neighbor plans to stay, so far. He said he'd keep me posted on damages, power outages, water, etc. Then we'll decide when to fly back.

So, D.C.! I'm starting to feel good about that. But first, I have to go over to the condo to secure whatever I can, and empty the fridge. On the third floor, so less danger of flooding, but if the roof's ripped off, eh. 50 boxes of wet books.

Why God made Scotch

Sep. 6th, 2017 06:56 pm
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I thought I had it all sorted out -- tickets for a flight out Saturday morning, to visit my brother in Virginia Beach. Ride to the airport. Mail stopped, paper stopped, sandbags, key to the neighbor, AC maintenance before we left.
And then --- we thought we'd be welcome by my brother who has pitched a major tantrum over my mother visiting my other brother instead of him. The sis never tendered an invitation, only criticized the Mom for visiting D, not M. Mom refused to visit M because of his drunken crazy girlfirend, who misbehaved mightily during their visit after my Dad's death. M swore to Mom, so far as I could tell (the Mom does live in a la la land of misconstrued information), that the girlfriend, A, had departed forever, thrown out, banished to Chicago. So.
So, this morning I discovered accidentally that the bimbo A was still with M, still in Virginia Beach, not Chicago, and still living with M in the condo we were all supposed to share.

So, NO. So, FUCK NO. So, the sis apparently was aware of this all along, that my brother was lying. So, the bro telling us we were hysterical females wanting to escape the hurricane.


The Mom is now pulling every manipulative trick in her history to get me to --- go with her to stay with the horrid abusive drunken bimbo and the brother who will almost assuredly pitch another abusive screaming fit at me, as soon he has a drink (will never happen, says the Mom). I have alternatives, although difficult to achieve. I can take a shuttle from the Norfolk airport to the Norfolk train station and a bus from there to the Newport News train station and Amtrak from there for 4 hours to Union Station DC, and maybe a Metro train or two to a friend of brother D, who has offered a place to stay... or. You know. something else. Except the Mom is fainting and crying and declaring she won't leave the path of the hurricane unless I accompany her every step of the way, and no, she won't stay anywhere else, and no, she doesn't want to stay with brother M. And --

Florida hell. I've given up my entire goddamn life for family, but there are limits to being forced into situations I do not want.

After all my proposed solutions were rejected, I had a good stiff tumbler of Glenmorangie and took the Mom out to a port-side seafood bar (they're all bars, here) for dinner and two more margaritas. And so, peace, at last, if no solutions.

I Can't Deal With Elitism

Sep. 6th, 2017 08:57 am
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On Twitter I made a post that was

"When you spend most your time making fun of other people, most your friends will live in the apprehension of when they'll be targeted next. No amount of "oh, but I don't mean you" will change that. Maybe instead, don't have a past time of making fun of other people."

Want to elaborate on that because its a big deal to me. )

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Sep. 6th, 2017 08:24 am
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After staying put for Matthew last year, I told Mom we'd evacuate for the next big hurricane (Florida hell!). Irma's still uncertain, but we're flying out on Saturday -- not ideally, we're headed to Virginia Beach, to stay with my brother.

Mom is shutting down as she did when Dad was dying, so I have to do everything to try to prepare the house before we leave and to pack for the trip. I'm trying to make lists. By Friday, we should have a better idea of Irma's path. Mom's friend and our lifesaver, Betty, gave me worrisome grief over waiting until Saturday to leave; the brother we're visiting said we're hysterical (women) and we wouldn't have to deal with anything worse than 50 mph winds.

At least, I'm going to contact friends I used to have in Norfolk, to see if I can stay elsewhere. Someplace with sidewalks would be nice. If I can engineer it, I might try to escape alone to DC for a short while, if I can find a reasonable hotel. THERE IS A TRAIN!!!