Mar. 12th, 2016 01:07 pm
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after my last post, suddenly i couldn't post. i kept trying and trying in all my browsers, but nada.

i send in a support request on 9 jul, but nada. after a week, i stopped checking multiple times/day, just check for this week, and a test post went through, yay!

the support request is still open, nothing has changed on my computer, so i'm at a loss as to what happened.

i'm continuing to get stronger! for about the past 8 years, our garden swing in back has needed the metal parts washed. i'd get outside with some water, and by the time i did that, i was dizzy adn weak.

yesterday i washed 90% of it, and it was *easy*. O.O

i still have days where i'm sick and weak or hurt too much to stand for very long, but they're not every day.

i've gotten a couple plants set out in the garden, and holes dug for a couple more.

the inside cats are all doing pretty good -- although cw for inexplicable gore ).

cleo still wants to attack isis. sammy and min (and sometimes binx) tromp on cleo in retribution. isis says "hey, it's summer and i'd much rather enjoy the garden anyway! listen to me purr as i roll and flirt on teh swing!"

mr b is still thin and he's not keen on wet food at all, but he's gotten back a fair bit of energy and has been hunting. the other day i tried to feed him some wet food. he sniffed it, turned his back, and trotted down the steps with his tail in the air. i followed him, and he had the remains of something in the driveway and ate more of it. it was quite large, so he IS eating a fair bit.

and that's about it for news.

and yay again,i can post! <3

Way too long between my posts...

Jul. 28th, 2017 09:17 am
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So many changes! I went to livejournal to check something, and holy moly, I had no idea of all that drama.

Well, I guess I'd better start trying to catch up here.

Life rolls on as usual. Grandbaby is now nearly FIVE. She is my joy. I don't see her nearly as much as I should, considering she only lives a few miles away. Everyone's work schedules just don't mesh.

My shop is still doing good, not the crazy insane busy that it was a few years ago, but still quite nice. And since I'm a one person show, that's just fine with me. I remember many nights going home in tears from the exhaustion.

One of my nieces is getting married in August, and we have all put our time and energy into that. I'm doing all the flowers, so I hope to post a lot of pictures.

My youngest still is living at home, he bought a 1975 {gosh, now I am not sure if that is the right year.} Toyota FJ40 So that has taken most of his time and energy and money this summer. I have to admit, it is crazy fun to ride in. He even did a short stint apprenticing with my leather guy, to learn how to make his own seat covers! He has the prototypes done, but then ran out of cash to buy the actual fabric {or leather} for the finished seats.

We've been trying to plan a trip down to Central Oregon for the eclipse, but the wedding is very close to that, so the eclipse plans are very sketchy at this point. We don't live too far away, so luckily we won't HAVE to get a hotel.

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Jul. 28th, 2017 01:55 am
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One of KM Weiland's pieces of advice in Outlining Your Novel (though this is actually in chapter "Before You Begin Your Outline") is:

"If you could have a professional reviewer read your idealized concept of your finished book and totally get it—completely understand everything you're trying to say with your characters, plot, dialogue, and themes—what would he write about your story?"

And then you, being specific, thorough, and extravagant, are that reviewer.

OKAY THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN wait how do I do that

"Superman", Rachel Platten

Jul. 27th, 2017 04:19 pm
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So put your armor on the ground tonight
'Cause everyone's got to come down sometime

You don't have to be Superman
You don't have to be Superman
You don't have to hold the world in your hands
You've already shown me that you can
Don't have to be Superman

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Jul. 27th, 2017 03:02 pm
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Baby blanket is --- uncertain.

The original intended recipient is no longer in the picture. Now I have 14" of an intended 36" square blanket done after two weeks, and wonder if it's worth finishing. It's pretty, but I don't know any babies and don't know if I want to spend weeks more working on it with no one in mind. Not really inspired to finish it and then try to find a charity that I can reach, or have to mail it somewhere. Maybe the Mom can ask someone at the church.

green blanket2


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Jul. 25th, 2017 12:57 pm
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Polyamory and autism

...in conclusion, I am polya?

(I have not been so identifying because reasons. But this article points out a couple things I hadn't thought about.)

Yay Mango Languages app

Jul. 25th, 2017 12:05 pm
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...so how do I type (what I presume are) hiragana with an American keyboard?


victory may be mine




Jul. 24th, 2017 08:08 pm
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*spends two hours crocheting part of a shawl that is supposed, excluding any row-currently-in-progress, to be rectangular throughout the process*

*puts it down for several hours*

*picks it back up and discovers it's trapezoidal*

Well, hi, journal.

Jul. 23rd, 2017 10:29 pm
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It's been awhile; today, I had a slightly grueling day taking Corky up to the Animal Medical Center to be diagnosed. He's had ataxia and weakness in his hind legs for some time, so I decided that in the wake of his being cured of Cushing's syndrome a few months ago I wanted to find out what else was going on—since he was still incontinent, and I would have thought that symptom would ease up if the Cushing's weren't an issue.

Turns out they found spinal stenosis. There's no cure, no treatment to speak of, beyond palliative care. Currently, I have to give him strict crate-rest for 4 to 6 weeks—even after he seems to be getting better.

He's 11, but he's not an old dog; I mean, he seems older than he is because he has such difficulty walking. (I was plan nasty to a woman this morning who cocked her head and smiled before asking, "Is he an old dog?" "Leave me alone!" I bellowed. I was in no mood for chit-chat.)

I usually have to carry him; I have to carry him both up and down all five flights of stairs in my building—which I'm resigned to. You do what you can for the ones you love.

I'd like to get him a photonic-therapy unit—and now that there's a distributor in this country, I may do that; when I last checked, the only contact in the whole world was an address in Australia. When I mentioned it to the vet I saw last week, she thought it was a tall order for me to go learning all the acupuncture points, but I think it would be on an as-needed basis.

Unfortunately, he pooped in the front hall of the building earlier when I was carrying him out—and I didn't notice. Carmen—the woman in the front apartment, who's the de facto super and package receiver for the building—wrote a misspelled note and taped it to the glass of the front door about how tenants weren't supposed to let their dogs poop in the hallway without cleaning it up. Most tenants don't have to carry their dogs both ways.

I'm tired.

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Jul. 22nd, 2017 10:09 pm
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Do scented soaps and lotions taste good to kittan?

Clearly I am approaching due for either figuring out how to clip Thea's claw tips or how to apply the red plastic thingies.


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Jul. 20th, 2017 11:24 am
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Belatedly, Maple Syrup Rebellion is up!

Still selling fiction! Don't forget you can get bonus stories from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer if you buy stories from me!

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Jul. 18th, 2017 09:57 pm
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Feeling very low.

curacao sorbet
Made Curaçao sorbet. Fresh-squeezed limes and zest, simple syrup, vodka, and Curaçao brought home from the island.

Knitting a baby blanket for someone else to give as a gift.
green blanket1

Anyone watching Will?

There's Sergals In This Post

Jul. 18th, 2017 02:28 am
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So I guess related to my last post about Ownership,

Back to the subject of death of the author, I hate that this phrase is regarded as a universally positive thing.

I mention the word rapist but there's no actual assault, also I mention genitalia attributes?? more rambling )


Jul. 17th, 2017 08:50 am
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Friends and acquaintances have come and gone in my life. Some amicably, some... Not so much. But one thing I want to be clear about: My pain is not your pain.

If I have had a falling out with a person, I generally don't want other people involved if they weren't already involved before hand. I don't like losing friends, I get no pleasure in cutting off people I cared about so I don't like it when I'm not allowed to grieve. Talking about how 'bad' an ex-friend was, doing nothing but pointing out the negative, that doesn't help me. No, really, please don't find me and tell me what tiny, minuscule infraction bad ex-friend is doing now unless it's relevant. Maybe a little comeuppance where appropriate, or settling of concerns or fears, but really, they're not a part of my life, I don't need to know what they're doing with their lives unless it's to help me avoid them. If I have someone filtered out, there's a reason for it. Good things happened with those people, let me have that at least. Not everyone copes in the same way and that's fine.

Related to that, I do not care who are friends with my ex-friends. Those people might have hurt me but that doesn't mean it's the same for everyone. Other people are allowed to have different experiences with ex-friends than I had. Long as you don't try to force me to interact with them, I don't care. At most, there are some people I worry about being mislead or mistreated by a person, but if there has been change I'm not going to let personal experiences get in the way of that. (for the record, I don't negatively judge people who can't be friends with people who are interacting with an ex friend especially in an abusive situation) At the most I'll worry about people getting abused themselves by people that have hurt me, or I may not trust them as much, but can't really force them to 'choose'.

Interpersonal stuff is complicated.

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Jul. 16th, 2017 09:11 pm
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I am doing divination the next two days over [personal profile] alexeigynaix way. First card-equivalent is free, money-wise, though I do ask every querent to say something kind or encouraging to someone else by way of payment.

Other than that, don't expect to see much of me online until Tuesday.


[personal profile] balsamandash is doing a one-card draw, too.