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Hi everyone,

We reopened our shop at the start of the month and have a 10% off sale at the moment. Dreamwidth users get their own coupon code - DREAMTEN - and it's good until 10pm February 20th (AEST), although we might extend that.

We do all kinds of jewellery: Viking knit, wire crochet, polymer clay, wire-wrapped, beaded, and metalwork.

I put two small pics as examples of our work under this cut here )

Our store is at Fifth Heaven Designs.

I'm also looking forward to browsing some of your stores :)
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Kicking off sparkle season right with a 15% off coupon! SPARKLE11, good from now till Dec 21.

Some of what's available at Sunbow Gems this sparkle season:

silver charm bracelet

The Mary Campbell Winchester bracelet is as close as possible to the one worn by the eponymous character in Supernatural episode 4x03 "In the Beginning". There are three available, all different, but all have various protective and good-luck charms from assorted religions. Perfect for the Supernatural fan or Unitarian Universalist in your life.

and three more samples )

Watch this space for Fair Trade jewelry (well, partly Fair Trade; no sense wasting the stash I've already got) and jewelry themed around winter, Christmas, gift exchanges, and sparkle season.
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Today is my birthday. Monday is Labor Day. This sounds like an excuse for a special deal!

Between those dates, you can use the coupon code SEPTHOL10 in my shop, Simply Maco for 10% off!

I just listed a couple new items tonight and put up some better images for older listings, so give it a look. I've got crocheted hats, scarves, and bracelets, and some interesting crocheted necklaces. As far as I know, the technique I used for the loopy necklaces is one I made up.

I've also got a few calligraphy items available now and expect to a couple more while the code's still in effect. I received permission yesterday from the rights holders to use the lyrics to the George Fox song by Sydney Carter in some of my calligraphy. At the moment, the calligraphy item I find most interesting is the 11th century Old English (West Saxon) translation of the Lord's Prayer. The history nerd in me went all-out, even using the Anglo Saxon ruin ƿ (wynn) for the w sound, on top of using a calligraphy hand period to that translation. Yes, yes, I said history nerd, did I not?
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Sunbow Gems

From about 10:30 pm EST Jan 12 to the same time Jan 13, I'm having a sale at my Etsy shop, Sunbow Gems. Enter the coupon BIRTHDAY11 and get ten percent off your order.

Examples of items on sale: )
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Hi, I've got a shop where I sell crocheted things and calligraphy, and since last night Etsy just alerted me that I get access to these coupon code things, I figured I'd test them out on all you fine folks. 10% off if you use the code DWNOV10 now through the end of the month. I'll be having a sale for Black Friday as well, and it'll work on top of that too.

More items will be going up between now and Black Friday too. I've got 2 hat & scarf sets here waiting to go up—one in raspberry, one in natural wool colouring. There are a few other scarves and some cute letters from Santa to the kids (custom written) already up.


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