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Just made an "I Dream of Dreamwidth" treasury post focusing on blues, whites, and antique browns.

(Hope I didn't leave too many people out, it was difficult to tell who was still active on Etsy.)

I also hope you enjoy perusing the treasury as much as I enjoyed making it! ^___^

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May. 14th, 2013 11:51 am
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G'day Etsy folks,

I have a nearly brand new Etsy shop at to sell my Jewellery, crochet, and occasional other dalliances!

To mark the occasion I have made a treasury, because nobody had done so for ages ... I'm pretty sure that I got anybody who's listed in the sticky post or has posted here from 2011 onwards and has something visible in their shops. If I missed you out, it was unintentional - let me know and I'll fix it.

Name: Dreamwidth Pinks

I picked "pink" for the theme because it jumped out as something that everybody had at least a little of! Had lots of fun making it too, I think I'll do some more soon - let me know if you have theme ideas.

Biggest thing I learned making this treasury - It's really REALLY hard to include people in a treasury if their backgrounds are not very light coloured and neutral toned (white, cream, light tan, etc.). There's one in there that has a dark background actually but the piece mostly covers up the background so it's OK. If your photography has a non-neutral non-light background and I put you in a treasury with others who mostly do have light/neutral backgrounds it looks very odd! I think the lesson is that if you want people to put you in treasuries, make it easy for them :)



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