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May. 4th, 2010 04:37 pm
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To minimize spammishness, please limit yourself to one post per month advertising a specific sale, special, or promotion for your shop. If you are running multiple promotions in a month, it's okay to mention them all in the same post.

Please don't post just to tell people your shop exists - comment on the sticky post instead, and I'll add your shop to our directory.

Please cut entries containing large images, multiple images, and/or lots and lots of text.

Meta posts are encouraged: discussions of Etsy's policies, business stuff, etc.

Don't be an asshat.

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Comment using this format; it makes my life easier:

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Just a quick heads up that if you have been hankering for something from my Etsy shop, Rogue Crafter's Studio, now might be a good time to get that special something for yourself or for a holiday present (or for holiday crafting, for that matter).

Now through November 1st, if you use the coupon code "AUTUMN13" at checkout you can get a 10% discount on orders of $5 or more.

Happy Halloween/Samhain/Dia de Los Meurtes/Harvest, or whatever times you happen to celebrate (or not) at this time of year!

(dear mods, I hope this is formatted okay!)
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Just made an "I Dream of Dreamwidth" treasury post focusing on blues, whites, and antique browns.

(Hope I didn't leave too many people out, it was difficult to tell who was still active on Etsy.)

I also hope you enjoy perusing the treasury as much as I enjoyed making it! ^___^

~roguecrafter on Etsy


May. 14th, 2013 11:51 am
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G'day Etsy folks,

I have a nearly brand new Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HandmadeRJ to sell my Jewellery, crochet, and occasional other dalliances!

To mark the occasion I have made a treasury, because nobody had done so for ages ... I'm pretty sure that I got anybody who's listed in the sticky post or has posted here from 2011 onwards and has something visible in their shops. If I missed you out, it was unintentional - let me know and I'll fix it.

Name: Dreamwidth Pinks
URL: https://www.etsy.com/treasury/NzMzMzQ5MnwyNzIxODgyMDYx/dreamwidth-pinks

I picked "pink" for the theme because it jumped out as something that everybody had at least a little of! Had lots of fun making it too, I think I'll do some more soon - let me know if you have theme ideas.

Biggest thing I learned making this treasury - It's really REALLY hard to include people in a treasury if their backgrounds are not very light coloured and neutral toned (white, cream, light tan, etc.). There's one in there that has a dark background actually but the piece mostly covers up the background so it's OK. If your photography has a non-neutral non-light background and I put you in a treasury with others who mostly do have light/neutral backgrounds it looks very odd! I think the lesson is that if you want people to put you in treasuries, make it easy for them :)

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Hi everyone,

We reopened our shop at the start of the month and have a 10% off sale at the moment. Dreamwidth users get their own coupon code - DREAMTEN - and it's good until 10pm February 20th (AEST), although we might extend that.

We do all kinds of jewellery: Viking knit, wire crochet, polymer clay, wire-wrapped, beaded, and metalwork.

I put two small pics as examples of our work under this cut here )

Our store is at Fifth Heaven Designs.

I'm also looking forward to browsing some of your stores :)
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I'm looking for recs for Etsy products, specifically shampoo designed for people who have oily hair and lots of it. (I ran out of what I was using and damned if Walmart is getting another penny of my money.) Can anyone help me?
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Kicking off sparkle season right with a 15% off coupon! SPARKLE11, good from now till Dec 21.

Some of what's available at Sunbow Gems this sparkle season:

silver charm bracelet

The Mary Campbell Winchester bracelet is as close as possible to the one worn by the eponymous character in Supernatural episode 4x03 "In the Beginning". There are three available, all different, but all have various protective and good-luck charms from assorted religions. Perfect for the Supernatural fan or Unitarian Universalist in your life.

and three more samples )

Watch this space for Fair Trade jewelry (well, partly Fair Trade; no sense wasting the stash I've already got) and jewelry themed around winter, Christmas, gift exchanges, and sparkle season.
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Today is my birthday. Monday is Labor Day. This sounds like an excuse for a special deal!

Between those dates, you can use the coupon code SEPTHOL10 in my shop, Simply Maco for 10% off!

I just listed a couple new items tonight and put up some better images for older listings, so give it a look. I've got crocheted hats, scarves, and bracelets, and some interesting crocheted necklaces. As far as I know, the technique I used for the loopy necklaces is one I made up.

I've also got a few calligraphy items available now and expect to a couple more while the code's still in effect. I received permission yesterday from the rights holders to use the lyrics to the George Fox song by Sydney Carter in some of my calligraphy. At the moment, the calligraphy item I find most interesting is the 11th century Old English (West Saxon) translation of the Lord's Prayer. The history nerd in me went all-out, even using the Anglo Saxon ruin ƿ (wynn) for the w sound, on top of using a calligraphy hand period to that translation. Yes, yes, I said history nerd, did I not?
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I did a major Faultless Pajama Foundry update last week, with lots and lots of new stuff, and when I was doing it, I realized that we were at the point where our categories-by-types-of-jewelry were getting unwieldy. (Right now we've got 248 items for sale -- with a high of about 260 before some recent sales -- and I've got about two dozen more items that need to be photographed/listed.)

We're lucky enough to have several major different aesthetics -- hardware-based/steampunky jewelry, minimalist/sparse design, over-the-top deluxe and lavish stuff, fannish-based things -- and several major categories of materials (gemstone-based, glass-and-acrylic based, etc), so what I did was put our work into several different "lines" -- the Hardware Chic line, the Minimalist line, the Elegance line, the Geekery and Fandom category, and then the "catch-all" categories of Earrings/Gemstones, Earrings/Other, Necklaces/Pendants, Bracelets, Stitch Markers/Knitting, and Everything Else -- but we have other craft types that we want to start adding (including, I hope, my father's awesome woodworking -- check out the segmented bowl we kidnapped and put on sale; it went in seven hours, which he was not expecting, and which made his day!)

Since Etsy only allows for 10 categories -- I submitted a suggestion that they expand that, and they said they'd take it under advisement yadda yadda I don't expect that to change anytime soon -- I think this solution will work for us for now, but I don't know how well it will scale. We don't want to open multiple shops, since then we lose the feedback history and all the advantage of people who have favorited us. (We might open another shop for Dad's woodwork, if he gives us a bunch of pieces to list for him, but I really do kind of like having Dad's stuff in with ours.)

Do any of you have lots of inventory in lots of different categories to cope with? If so, how do you organize things? Is there anything brilliant I'm missing that might help out here?
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I've put up some sweeties, necklaces I made a few years ago when I first started working with stone beads. First five pieces shown, with half-price shipping.

These are $12 necklaces, mostly black and red colors (jasper, chalcedony, blackstone, black glass) with copper beads. Two of these are made from beads I bought at a minerals show and promptly lost the receipt for. I know they're some kind of chalcedony, but not not exactly what. They're a very pretty dark salmon pink marbled with black and clear streaks -- I've called them catfood stones. They're pretty. No fishy smell. Will not attract cats. For those two necklaces, which have copper bead accents including hollow ones in the shape of butterflies, I have matching bracelets.
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It's time for us to move some inventory in preparation for a massive new update coming sometime in the next few weeks. Therefore, we have put the whole Faultless Pajama Foundry on sale. If there's something you've been eyeing in the Foundry, now's the time!

Use the coupon code "FEB11" on checkout to get 15% off your whole order. As always, we offer free shipping to the US and reasonable shipping outside the US. Coupon expires at midnight on 28 February.

New products, as well as a few new types of jewelry that we've been experimenting with, will go on sale towards the end of February.
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So Valentine's Day is in less than a month.

Those of you with S.O.s starting to think about their gifts yet?  If not, let me suggest something from my Etsy. :)

I'm putting up a bunch of garnet (and other red materials) earrings as well as a bunch of spring/summer photography for those of us who are sick of the gray, drab winter.

Use the code LJDWVALENTINE2010 for 14% off through February 14th.  Also through Valentine's Day, free shipping on all photo prints!
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Sunbow Gems

From about 10:30 pm EST Jan 12 to the same time Jan 13, I'm having a sale at my Etsy shop, Sunbow Gems. Enter the coupon BIRTHDAY11 and get ten percent off your order.

Examples of items on sale: )
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New Year's Sale at Laughing Rat Studio, running through January 8th, 2011! Hand-dyed yarn, handspun, and hand-dyed fiber are all on sale. Happy New Year!
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Between now and December 20th (when I leave town for vacation), all my metalwork jewelry/accessories in purpleshiny are 15% off if you use the coupon code "OMGDECEMBER". I have earrings, necklaces, rings, and a shawl pin, featuring things like gears, real beetle wings, and heavily textured copper.

Sample pictures of what's for sale behind the cut! )
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Yay for coupon codes! Yay for shameless self-promotion!

Here is a coupon for all of my fellow Dreamwidth Etsy'ers: DWETSY25

This code is good for 25% off at my shop: Kimagine Designs
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With holiday shopping starting today I am running a sale with the following coupon: HOLIDAYCOUPON for 20% off

Coupon ia valid till the end of the weekend, 11/28

My shop can be found here:

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Hi, I've got a shop where I sell crocheted things and calligraphy, and since last night Etsy just alerted me that I get access to these coupon code things, I figured I'd test them out on all you fine folks. 10% off if you use the code DWNOV10 now through the end of the month. I'll be having a sale for Black Friday as well, and it'll work on top of that too.

More items will be going up between now and Black Friday too. I've got 2 hat & scarf sets here waiting to go up—one in raspberry, one in natural wool colouring. There are a few other scarves and some cute letters from Santa to the kids (custom written) already up.
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Good Morning everyone!

I have a special promotion, just for DW members in my etsy store:

From now (Friday, Oct. 29) until Friday, November 12 at Midnight (EST), DW members get free shipping on any item!
YarnKitten Creations on Etsy

When you make your purchase, put the code "porchesdw" in the messages to seller, and I will refund the shipping costs to you, via PayPal refund.

(Please note: at this time, I am only able to ship to US Addresses, no international shipping.Thanks.)

Stop by soon, and see if there isn't an item you'd love make your own! :)

Unrelated to that, I'd also like to ask for your help. I'll freely admit, my esty store is struggling a little. Despite having purchased 2 showcases spots this month, sales are really lagging.  So, I'd love your opinions. If you have a few minutes to stop by my etsy store, and look around, and give me your feedback, that would be awesome. Seriously, I'd love to hear what you think, good and bad. (I'm starting to a wonder a little, if people just ... well... don't like my items?) Thanks so much for your help.

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I'm relatively new to Etsy--started Fifth Heaven Designs in a fit of madness at the end of September--and I'm still not really familiar with the site or best selling practices. I had planned to list one or two items daily but I'm not sure if that's the best way to go.

How regularly do you list items on Etsy? How many items do you list at a time? Do you notice a difference in sales depending on what time you list items, or how many you list in one go?